Dust suppression

Dust can cause the following issues:

  • Health Hazard – airborne dust has the potential to contribute to certain diseases including silicosis and black lung disease.
  • Environmental Concerns – Workshops, mine site administration buildings and local townships near mines can be affected by airborne dust. Airborne dust causes a range of problems that affect everyday life from breathing difficulties to dirty clothes on washing lines and reduced visibility.
  • Loss of mineral or coal– stockpiles can be eroded by wind and valuable product lost creating an economic loss for the operation. Studies have shown that approximately 5-7% of stockpile product is lost to airborne dust lift-off.
  • Spontaneous combustion – Fine coal dust contributes to spontaneous combustion and the majority of oxidation on a stockpile.


  • Dust Stop TX2 is an environmentally safe dust suppressant. It is a water-resistant stable film former that binds the dust and eliminates lift-off. Dust Stop TX2 also reduces stockpile oxidation, spontaneous combustion and will minimise valuable product stockpile loss caused by wind and rain erosion.
  • Dust Stop TX10 is an environmentally safe dust suppressant. Dust Stop TX10 acts by reducing the surface tension of water which significantly improves wetting effectiveness and dust contact. Improving the water’s ability to coat the dust particle effectively reduces the environmental impact created by airborne dust. Dust Stop TX10 also reduces the volume of water required to wet dust particles, hence less water used and less water cart frequency.

BTX also has the chemical knowledge and capability to design products to meet your specific dust problems.

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