Environmental Support

Our qualified team can provide specialised environmental support services in relation to water and waterways, water use minimisation and recycling. This includes water sampling, water testing, environmental audits, water quality recording and reporting. BTX can also assist your company in the development of water and tailings management plans and remediation; sewage services; refuse and solid waste disposal services; wastewater management services; soil remediation and clean-up; environmental laboratory services.

We have the products and equipment to clean up run-off water and prevent topsoil losses, plus we can help with the removal of heavy metals, solids, organics and other materials so you can meet your environmental permit requirements.
 BTX has a number of proprietary products and systems for removal of unwanted solids and the solidification of difficult to manage contaminated slurries including mud stabilisation technology.
We also supply a range of dust suppression and film forming products to reduce fugitive dust and improve work site OH&S.

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