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Potable water quality targets are getting tougher to achieve, putting a lot of pressure on plant operators, especially in ageing plants with basic systems that are struggling to meet the current regulations. BTX has been working on potable water chemistry for more than 30 years and we have abroad range of experience to help you meet the current Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. Whether it is improving filtered water turbidity or removing odour, organics, iron or manganese we have the knowledge and the chemistry to help you. Jar testing will enable us to identify the most effective coagulation and flocculation program and if necessary we can design bespoke products to address your specific water types. Choosing the right chemistry is only half the answer. Dosing products in the right place in the correct order is vitally important and we will work closely with you on site to ensure you get the desired outcomes at the most economical dose rates.


Sludge dewatering and handling is critical to the operation of an efficient Wastewater Treatment Plant. With transport costs increasing, producing a dry manageable cake helps keep disposal costs to a minimum. There are a range of dewatering options available these days ranging from simple geotubes to centrifuges, belt presses and screw presses. Getting the right flocculant for your application is key to getting longer life out of your equipment and keeping costs under control. Flocculant chemistry has improved significantly in the last 10 years with emulsion and powder type products available in different molecular weights, charge and degree of structure. BTX has a large range of products available and the knowledge to pick the best product for your plant.

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