BTX has developed a wide range of products for water, wastewater, industrial and mining applications. We have our own proprietary developed water treatment blends complemented by the latest technology from the best manufacturers in Australia and around the world.

Whether it is supplying sodium hypochlorite for disinfection or bespoke coagulants tailored to your specific plant water we have the experience and knowledge to ensure you have the most effective chemical program at the lowest possible cost. Having the correct chemistry in your plant will save you time money and the headache of being called out to your plant at all hours of the night or weekends. In a typical water treatment plant we can supply disinfection products like liquid and granular chorine, ph adjustment products such as soda ash or hydrochloric acid, oxidisers including potassium permanganate and we have a large range of flocculants and organic and inorganic coagulants.

We also supply high quality powder activated carbon for the removal of organics and blue green algae toxins and to eliminate those objectional smells.

We have over 30 years of experience in the water industry so we have the know-how to  choose the right chemical program for you. Our qualified chemists are available to come to your site at no initial charge to select the most appropriate products for your plant. We also supply all types of laboratory equipment such as Boltac Jar stirrers, turbidity meters, pH meters and reagents.

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